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30 Day Email List Building Challenge

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Over the next 30 days, you are going to see exactly
what Matthew Graves would do to build a 250 person
email list. In fact, you can watch me do it and follow
along should you wish to except your challenge.

Step 1 is to join Your Viral List for free,

just click the this link .

This is where you will get your Lead Magnets

to build your list with.

After joining Your Viral List, you will receive an email
with instructions on how to get a free one month premium
membership at Your Viral List and how to enter the Challenge.

Here is to Your Success,


Exclusive Preview Of The Powerful Covert Store Builder Theme

Hey ,

There is a killer WordPress theme called Covert Store Builder available

It’s developed by the IM Wealth Builders and if you have seen their previous Covert Social Press, Covert PinPress and Covert VideoPress
themes… You know that this one is going to be amazing too!

They have just released a full video demo of the theme so you can see exactly what it does.

Join the VIP list & watch the video here:

When you join the early bird list today you will also receive free access to these two bonuses.

  • 100 profit pulling Amazon niche with full
    keyword and niche research done for you.
  • The Easy Affiliate Store Profits report,
    with 5 power tips on how to dominate Amazon
    and rake in massive commissions checks.

Join the VIP list & watch the video here:

To your success,

Robert Collins

PS. I will send you a book

5 Power Tips for dominating Amazon & raking in massive commisions today & maximize your affiliate marketing efforts

Recruitment Tools For Email Suite Pro

When it comes to getting sales and leads online,
there is ONE thing that 95% of marketers use…
it’s called a LIST.

My friend James just released a free book that
explains WHY a list is important and how YOU can
build your own list.

It’s available right here (and it won’t cost you a penny)

This book is quite eye-opening and offers a few
golden nuggets that give you the “AH HA” moment.

And the best part? It’s an easy and short read.
Takes you about 15 minutes and you’ll walk away
with tons of fresh info!

Go ahead – grab your copy here (it’s free!)


Robert Collins

Gorilla Marketing Review

Have you bought PLR but it’s never made you any money…?

It’s frustrating yeah?

Well, today I’ve got a gift for you.

Its the #1 Affiliate Page Builder on the net

In this free CASH ON DEMAND report, you’ll discover:

[+] The easiest way to monetize private label content, instantly
[+] Our “10 Minute Prep”‘ can instantly boost the value of every product you sell
[+] Instant cash pulling strategies that will send a flood of quick income to your account!
[+] The #1 resource that will build an automated income site for you (that will generate money every single month on TOTAL auto pilot!)

And much more – all within this special FREE pdf download

Talk to you soon!

Robert Collins