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Clickbank For Beginners Pt. 2


Picking A Product To Market

As we discussed in part one of this guide on conquering Clickbank as a beginner, the initial steps towards marketing a product are often the most important. When you’re deciding on a product, it’s easy to get locked up in the massive amount of choice available, and begin to focus on metrics that aren’t that useful to you. These simple strategies and ideas will help you pick products that convert, not products that drain away your time. Remember, half of your work is in picking an effective product, and the other half is in marketing that product effectively. Don’t create more work for yourself by choosing something that puts you at a disadvantage from the start.

In order to pick a great product to market, you need to set some criteria that help you align your marketing ideas with the results that you want. If you need 100 conversions per month, there’s no point picking a product that sells only in very low quantities. On the other hand, if you’re trying to build an income that’s based around occasional, and very lucrative one-time sales, it’s best to pick a product that can offer you hundreds of dollars per sale. Balancing commissions with your priorities is one of the most important parts of any Clickbank affiliate marketing strategy.

How do you do this? Look at two primary factors; the commission payout for the product that you’re interested in, and the average conversion rate for the landing/sales page. When you’re marketing a product, you need to be aware of both, as they’re the variables that have the most control over your online sales success. Make sure that your project is ranked relatively high for both of those variables, as without them you’ll either have an unsteady commission income, or an income that comes steadily but pays very little money in total. The best products offer a combination of both factors, although it can sometimes be an intelligent strategy to combine the two variables through different products.

However, there’s a third factor that often goes ignored. That’s the enjoyment and passion factor. With so many marketers dead keen to jump on the latest trend and hot product, it can become difficult to align your affiliate marketing career with what’s truly important in your life. When you can combine your income with your passions and hobbies, then you’ll be much more successful and satisfied with your affiliate marketing career.

How do you do this? Find a product that you can easily see yourself buying. It doesn’t necessarily have to align completely with your interests, just present itself as something that you could see a use for personally. This achieves two massive benefits for you; it gives you a product that you’ll actually enjoy marketing, and it allows you to put yourself in the eyes of your customers. When you’re selling a product that you really love, you’ll put everything into making sure that it makes it.

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