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Solid Pointers For Higher Converting AdWords Ads

Have you been searching for a way to improve your AdWords ad copy? If so, then what we have for you today are three proven tips to increase your PPC ad conversions. By the way, remember that solid webhosting is certainly a must have. We strongly recommend HostGator hosting, be sure to read our Host Gator review.

You should already know what the greatest benefits are for what ever you’re promoting. You can’t just use your ad space to write about the features of the product and expect to get clicks. If your XYZ Widget can save 2 hours a day for someone, then a good benefit is not only time savings but being able to use that time for more productive activities. You want to present your information in terms of what the reader will gain and express it in ways that appeal to their emotions. The reason for this is, when people look at an ad, they don’t click on it because it looks appealing. If the benefits are truly worthwhile, then you can safely assume some people will have an interest in it. We doubt all your benefits will resonate with your market, but we do believe one or two will.

Of course, you will want to test your ads, always, and you can find the benefit that converts the best in your ads.

Some form of call to action should be used in your PPC ads simply because it’s an effective copywriting device. It really all depends on your market, so the best thing to do is test your call to action copy. The call to action is a direct command sort of, Click Here, and that causes more people to click there than would if there was no call to action. People also need to know what it is you want them to do, so in that sense it helps the ad become more clear. It’s always impossible to know which particular call to action will work the best, so just test them. You want to avoid all ambiguity with your ads, and that is another reason to use them.

If you ask the right question in an ad, it can have an almost magical effect on conversions. You have read a question that just created some incredible urge to know more, right? Right. Now you know what we mean. You want people to feel like they won’t be able to get to sleep until they know the answer. There is real power in this strategy, but the key is in the question.

There is more room with Google AdWords ads than you realize, plus you can and should always test. You can be competitive and beat them, but you have to be willing to take chances and work at it. There will be times when you’ll fail and lose money, but you shouldn’t quit and rather learn from your failed campaigns to see where you went wrong. Just some thoughts for you to consider and think about – they will help you in all manner of business, not just PPC advertising. Last but not least, don’t forget to see if there are any new Host Gator promo codes.

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