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Backlinks and Link Building

One important aspect to a comprehensive search engine optimization technique is link building.

Link-building pertains to one site linking to a different one. Various search engines see backlinks to your website as a vote of trust. This is usually just about the most time-consuming projects included in SEO. But it doesn’t have to become a difficult or time draining procedure.

One method of creating links is by emailing other web site masters in your niche and requesting a reciprocal link. There are various services available that manage or semi-automate this activity for you and a search online will reveal many choices. In the past I have used link partner services to help find relevant link partners to exchange links with.

Locating link partners really isn’t a hard task. Simply search online for sites related to yours and make a note of their contact information.

Many websites today feature integrated link management scripts which help automate the process.

Try a search for your niche pursued by “add URL” or “exchange links” or “add site” to speed up the process somewhat.

I suggest starting with reciprocal links from sites related to yours and setting a goal of five high quality link development per week.

A typical email to a webmaster might consist of something like:

Dear website owner,
I noticed that your website shares an equivalent topic of my own found at (insert website link here)
And I am writing to find out if you are interested in exchanging links between our websites.

Best Regards,
Your Name.

You can utilize this layout. As you can tell this technique doesn’t need to be extremely complex. If the website operator that you email has an interest they’re going to get in touch with you. If not then you have lost nothing aside from the minimal time that it requires to send an email. Don’t be discouraged if only a handful of webmasters exchange links with you, just be certain that the ones which do are relevant backlinks. Concentrate on quality not quantity.

Not all backlinks are the same. A backlink to your site should derive from a site relating to or even in the identical niche as your own. In fact link building service aimed to your website out of irrelevant websites might be seen by various search engines as “gaming” the system and could lead to more damage than good to your search engine rankings. Make sure that the sites linking to your site are matched to your overall specialized niche.


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